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First Phase of Fantasyland Opens

Walt Disney World guests were treated to a soft opening to the first phase of the Fantasyland expansion. Among all the construction walls, visitors could ride the new dueling Dumbo ride or the Barnstormer coaster which is a re-themed version of the old Wiseacre Farm ride. The new Fantasyland train station also opened for business and provided transportation along its regular route to Main St. Station.

Orlando Attractions Magazine posted a video on YouTube.  In the video you will see the cast members costumes, the dueling Dumbo ride, and the Barnstormer Coaster. There is also a walk-through of the new train station.


An Introduction to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

When Adobe first introduced Lightroom back in 2007 it was primarily designed for professional photographers. Lightroom takes advantage of the raw file format and allows the user to interpret what the final output should be. At the time, only professional cameras gave the user the ability to output in an uncompressed raw format. Even today, most people do not understand what the raw file format is, so let’s take a minute to explain. If you’re like most casual photographers your camera is set to distribute a JPEG file as a finished photo. This is actually a compressed version of your cameras original file format. Your camera does not actually take a JPEG image it uses a proprietary file format to capture the image and then compresses it to a final JPEG. Each camera manufacturer has their own file format. Nikon uses .NEF, Canon uses .CRW or.CR2, Sony also uses a couple of file formats one being SRF. Some manufacturers use a more generic uncompressed format called .TIF. No matter what file format your camera uses if your camera is set up to take JPEG pictures that will be its final output. Adobe devised a way to convert all of the different file formats into a generic uncompressed .RAW file format giving you the ability to in a sense “develop” your own final output. Today even some of the least expensive point-and-shoot digital cameras offer the users the ability to export in a raw file format whether it be TIF or the native file extension.

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