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About WDW Photo Club

WDW Photo Club is a place where people who love photography and Walt Disney World can meet, exchange ideas, and learn. You will find information about equipment and photography techniques as it relates to capturing the magic at Walt Disney World whether it be on film or digital media storage.  You will find some information on video as well but we mostly concentrate on photography.  WDW Photo Club is designed for the beginner and intermediate photographer.  Whether you are using a point-and-shoot or a digital SLR camera you’ll find useful information to help you take better pictures and be better informed about the equipment you’re using.

Walt Disney World can be a wonderful place to experience but is also an excellent place to find photographic subject matter. No Matter what type of photography you are in to whether it be landscape, portrait,wildlife, abstract, architectural, still life, or you are simply capturing memories, you will find Walt Disney World offers the best chances to practice your craft. Photography basically consists of two parts. The first is technical skill. This relates to the understanding of photography in its physical state.  This is all about setting exposure, knowing how to work your camera, understanding lighting, and the process the camera uses to capture an image. The second aspect of photography involves the artistry and creativity. This is all about composition, framing, controlling subject matter and making conscious decisions that will affect your final image. There are some aspects to photography that fall into both of these categories. Postprocessing would be an example. Postprocessing can be very technical in its use to finalize an image but can also be used to create beautiful art and manipulate light for a more creative exposure. WDW Photo Club, is about exploring both the technical and creative aspects of photography. Discussions about equipment and accessories will also be found to help readers understand what’s new and available when capturing images of the theme parks and resorts at Walt Disney World.

If you wish to contribute an article to WDW Photo Club please e-mail Christopher Rainville wdwphotoclub@yahoo.com


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