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Missing Photoshop Filters after Upgrading? Here is How to Get Them Back

by: Christopher Rainville
If you have upgraded to the newest version of Photoshop and find that you  are missing some items under the Filter drop-down here is how to restore them.
Only 9 plug-ins?

The default install hides some of the items in the filter drop-down.  If you are new to Photoshop you may not even know they are missing until you follow a tutorial that uses one of them.  It would be at that point you would notice they are missing.Default install hised the filters.
This is what you want!Click Edit (Photoshop on Mac OS) then Preferences then Plug-ins.

Click in the check box for Show all Filter Gallery and names
Check this box
Click OK to close and all 13 will now be visible.
I hope you found this helpful.  With Photoshop it is often the simplest of things that are the most frustrating to resolve.


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